Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Team members cleaning up damaged material

Cleaning Up Safely

Protecting You and Our Team

SERVPRO of Billings works as a team to get any restoration job done quickly and thoroughly. We make sure we dress in our protective gear and get to work so our customers have some peace of mind. 

Man on roof removing roof materials that are infested with asbestos.

Caution is important when conducting asbestos abatement

Discovering that your Billings home or business contains asbestos is difficult.

SERVPRO of Billings has the training to properly remove the harmful substance from your property and dispose of it safely. Our team is ready to respond when you need us!

Surface of wall removed.

Water damage remediation is no problem for this bathroom.

Our team of water cleanup experts can arrive quickly and work efficiently to dry your home.

Sometimes water damage can get into tight spaces of your Billings Home where it's hard to reach. This can also lead to mold growth. Our team is trained to get to the source of any surface or space in need of remediation and restoration.  

Wooden floor removed from bathroom floor

Bathroom water extraction and mold remediation.

In the process of water damage restoration and mold remediation we can remove and restore surfaces where water may be retained and can form mold in Billings home.

SERVPRO of Billings is prepared and equipped with the proper training and tools to get the job done. 

Mold in Laurel, MT, Home

If you suspect or have discovered a mold infestation in your Laurel, MT, home or business, call SERVPRO of Billings today. Mold can be very toxic and cause various negative health effects. Give us a call today!

Air Movers Ready to Go

When disaster strikes your Laurel, MT, home, you will need a company you can trust. SERVPRO of Billings has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to properly clean up and restore your home or business.

Clean and organized work

When we come in to a home or business that has damage from water, fire or a storm event, we work hard to complete the restoration to the absolute best of our abilities. We keep the work focused and as organized as possible.

Getting this school back in order after storm damage

These real wood floors can be tricky to get dry. SERVPRO of Billings has the innovative technology and the specially trained experts to get this job done efficiently. We worked hard to get them dry and ready for the students again.

Why do we contain mold

It is important to tightly contain an area where mod is being removed and treated.  Mold and mildew particles can travel through the air and can grow on anything they land on.  Containment helps to keep those particles in the area that is being treated and in turn greatly protects the rest of the un-affected home or business.

Latest and greatest in water mitigation

SERVPRO of Billings is always up to date with the latest and greatest techniques for water mitigation and fire restoration. We work hard to keep ourselves trained and knowledgeable on the new innovative ways to get your home back to normal. As leaders in the industry we strive to be the absolute best solution to any restoration problem.

Mold growth due to storm damage

In Billings this homeowner called us to help them after a winter storm damaged their roof and ceilings their home. We realized when we arrived it had been a few days since the storm and in that short time mold had taken up residence in their ceiling beams.  We immediately got to work removing the mold from their home. 

Preventing Mold Growth after water damage

After we removed all wet and damaged flooring and sheetrock, we ensured the area was properly dry.  We used out high powered fans and dehumidifiers to make sure the moisture was gone.  Once we complete these steps we then treat the area with a strong anti-mold agent.