Water Damage Photo Gallery

Clear living room after water damage

Removing the Damages

Thorough Restoration Process

This house in Billings suffered from water damage after a leak. Our team at SERVPRO cleared out the living room, moving personal belongings to a safe place, before the restoration process. 

water damage cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

Call the Pro's

When you need help after unexpected water damage, give our team at SERVPRO of Billings a call. We are prepared 24/7 to restore and cleanup after any size disaster. A leak, sewage backup or flooding; we do it all! 

Trash bags with damaged material after water loss

Water Loss Cleanup

Damaged Materials

A home in Billings suffered a water loss, causing some of their belongings ruined and damaged beyond repair. Our team at SERVPRO of Billings cleanup all damaged material and debris in the home. 

crawlspace with proper amount of high powered fans scattered throughout the area

Pipes burst causing water damage

With the colder temperatures this time of year, it is common for your pipes to burst and cause major water damage in your home.

When you experience damage like this be sure to call SERVPRO of Billings for water damage restoration services. 

Room with flooring removed exposing the plywood subfloors, and green drying equipment set out to dry the area

When water damages your Billings home

Water damage in your Billings, MT property can be devastating.

Our team is prepared to respond to your call 24/7/365. We train for water damage restoration on a consistent basis to ensure our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Floor removal and drying equipment

We arrived to this Laurel, MT home after they suffered a major water damage. We removed all the wet materials an began placing our drying equipment. We set up high powered fans as well as dehumidifiers to speed up the evaporation process.

Supply line leak causes water damage

When water is released into your home via a cracked supply line it can be overwhelming. The vision of water all over your floors is stressful. Let SERVPRO of Billings help you with water mitigation.

Water damage to Comanche Kitchen

Have you ever had water damage your kitchen?  This Comanche homeowner did, and it was significant.  They called SERVPRO of Billings for help and help we did! We arrived quickly and began the extraction and demolition immediately.

Water Damaged Kitchen

In this image, you can see a kitchen that has been severely water damaged. This image was taken before demo. Our team was able to repair the damage more quickly than the owners expected and they were thrilled.

Repairing Home After Water Loss

As you can see from this image, this home needed quite a bit of demo in order to repair the damage after it experienced a water loss. If your home suffers damage like this, give us a call!

Ceiling Damaged By Water Loss

The ceiling in this image was damaged by a water loss and our team was brought in to handle the cleanup and repair of this home. If your home suffers damage due to a water loss, give us a call.

Ceiling After Demo

This ceiling was heavily damaged by a water loss and our team was brought in to clean up and repair the damage done to the home. This image was taken after the demo on the ceiling had been done.

Demo After Water Damage

As you can see from this image, this home required extensive demo work to repair the damage after it experienced a water loss. If your home has damage like this, call SERVPRO. We are faster to any size disaster.

drying equipment

Drying Equipment

We're Here to Help

SERVPRO of Billings was quick to respond to get water extracted in this home and quickly get drying equipment in place. It is critical to act fast when you have a water loss in your home.