Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Ceiling tiles removed from ceiling

Dark, damp spaces are the perfect spot for mold to form.

Mold growth can commonly happen in spaces below ground where it's often dark and damp.

Our highly trained technicians at SERVPRO of Billings are sure to check and remediate any area affected by mold in your Billings Home. 

Water damaged particle board with mold growth on it

Mold in a crawlspace is remediated

When water finds its way into your Billings, MT home, the damage can be costly to repair.

Our crews have the proper training and experience to assess and remediate mold from any surface in any area of your home or business. This crawl space had a small water leak that lead to damaging mold growth.

Mold remediation requires proper containment

In Acton, a homeowner discovered that they had mold growing within the ceiling of their rather large home. They called SERVPRO of Billings immediately and we responded quickly. We set up containment to help keep the mold spores from spreading across the rest of the home as we began remediation.

When mold has taken over your roof

A Broadview homeowner noticed a water stain on their ceiling revealing a leak in the roof of their home.  Over time, this leak left the interior between the ceiling and the roof wet which created the perfect environment for mold growth. We were able to assess the situation advise the roof be repaired and begin our mold remediation process with setting up containment.

Billings Home riddled with Mold

This Billings home owner called our experts at SERVPRO of Billings when they found mold in their home.  Our trained experts knew just how to remediate this mold and make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold And Water Damage

This home had a severe water loss and the moisture wasn't all able to be immediately addressed. As a result, the mold pictured here began to develop. If your home suffers a mold loss, call SERVPRO.

Mold On Ceiling From Water Loss

The home in this image had a serious mold problem after moisture from a water loss wasn't addressed immediately. As you can see, there was quite a bit of mold, but we were able to take care of it.

Mold Damage

This home had mold growing on the walls and carpet. SERVPRO of Billings was quick to respond and start the cleaning process. It is critical to make sure everything is followed in according to the IICRC when dealing with mold.