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Fire damage in a bedroom in Billings

After Fire Damage

We're Here to Help

This was after a house fire in Billings. There was significant soot and smoke damage that our team at SERVPRO cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. 

Clear living room after water damage

Removing the Damages

Thorough Restoration Process

This house in Billings suffered from water damage after a leak. Our team at SERVPRO cleared out the living room, moving personal belongings to a safe place, before the restoration process. 

Restoring the wall after water damage

Restoring Property

We're Here to Help

No matter the size or type of damage, our team at SERVPRO of Billings can help you with the restoration process. Sometimes the restoration process include reconstruction or replacement. We can help with that! 

Team members cleaning up damaged material

Cleaning Up Safely

Protecting You and Our Team

SERVPRO of Billings works as a team to get any restoration job done quickly and thoroughly. We make sure we dress in our protective gear and get to work so our customers have some peace of mind. 

water damage cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

Call the Pro's

When you need help after unexpected water damage, give our team at SERVPRO of Billings a call. We are prepared 24/7 to restore and cleanup after any size disaster. A leak, sewage backup or flooding; we do it all! 

SERVPRO employee wearing safety gear

SERVPRO Techs in Safety Gear

We Prioritize Safety

Our technicians and specialists wear protective gear and masks during cleanup to ensure safety. Hazardous waste and toxins can be a factor depending on the water category and class of water damage. 

Trash bags with damaged material after water loss

Water Loss Cleanup

Damaged Materials

A home in Billings suffered a water loss, causing some of their belongings ruined and damaged beyond repair. Our team at SERVPRO of Billings cleanup all damaged material and debris in the home. 

Man on roof removing roof materials that are infested with asbestos.

Caution is important when conducting asbestos abatement

Discovering that your Billings home or business contains asbestos is difficult.

SERVPRO of Billings has the training to properly remove the harmful substance from your property and dispose of it safely. Our team is ready to respond when you need us!

SERVPRO of Billings employee removing asbestos from the exterior of a building

When asbestos is discovered, call our abatement team

SERVPRO of Billings has trained asbestos abatement teams ready to respond to your call.

We are ready to arrive to your Billings home or business any time day or night. Our crews are prepared and trained to remove asbestos from the interior and exterior of your structure. 

Asbestos information graphic

Have you discovered Asbestos in your home or business

When you remodel or have other property damage to your Billings home or business, uncovering hidden damage is always a posibility.

Knowing who to call when you uncover asbestos is tricky. Our team is fully trained and experienced with asbestos abatement! We are here for you 24/7/365!

Surface of wall removed.

Water damage remediation is no problem for this bathroom.

Our team of water cleanup experts can arrive quickly and work efficiently to dry your home.

Sometimes water damage can get into tight spaces of your Billings Home where it's hard to reach. This can also lead to mold growth. Our team is trained to get to the source of any surface or space in need of remediation and restoration.  

Water heater that caught on fire.

We can restore your home after fire damage.

If your Billings Home has suffered Fire Damage it's important to have trained professionals remediate the damage done.

SERVPRO of Billings is here to helped 24/5, 365 to help you with all your fire damage restoration needs. 

Ceiling tiles removed from ceiling

Dark, damp spaces are the perfect spot for mold to form.

Mold growth can commonly happen in spaces below ground where it's often dark and damp.

Our highly trained technicians at SERVPRO of Billings are sure to check and remediate any area affected by mold in your Billings Home. 

Wooden floor removed from bathroom floor

Bathroom water extraction and mold remediation.

In the process of water damage restoration and mold remediation we can remove and restore surfaces where water may be retained and can form mold in Billings home.

SERVPRO of Billings is prepared and equipped with the proper training and tools to get the job done. 

crawlspace with proper amount of high powered fans scattered throughout the area

Pipes burst causing water damage

With the colder temperatures this time of year, it is common for your pipes to burst and cause major water damage in your home.

When you experience damage like this be sure to call SERVPRO of Billings for water damage restoration services. 

Room with flooring removed exposing the plywood subfloors, and green drying equipment set out to dry the area

When water damages your Billings home

Water damage in your Billings, MT property can be devastating.

Our team is prepared to respond to your call 24/7/365. We train for water damage restoration on a consistent basis to ensure our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Water damaged particle board with mold growth on it

Mold in a crawlspace is remediated

When water finds its way into your Billings, MT home, the damage can be costly to repair.

Our crews have the proper training and experience to assess and remediate mold from any surface in any area of your home or business. This crawl space had a small water leak that lead to damaging mold growth.

Mold remediation requires proper containment

In Acton, a homeowner discovered that they had mold growing within the ceiling of their rather large home. They called SERVPRO of Billings immediately and we responded quickly. We set up containment to help keep the mold spores from spreading across the rest of the home as we began remediation.

Floor removal and drying equipment

We arrived to this Laurel, MT home after they suffered a major water damage. We removed all the wet materials an began placing our drying equipment. We set up high powered fans as well as dehumidifiers to speed up the evaporation process.

Supply line leak causes water damage

When water is released into your home via a cracked supply line it can be overwhelming. The vision of water all over your floors is stressful. Let SERVPRO of Billings help you with water mitigation.

When mold has taken over your roof

A Broadview homeowner noticed a water stain on their ceiling revealing a leak in the roof of their home.  Over time, this leak left the interior between the ceiling and the roof wet which created the perfect environment for mold growth. We were able to assess the situation advise the roof be repaired and begin our mold remediation process with setting up containment.

Water damage to Comanche Kitchen

Have you ever had water damage your kitchen?  This Comanche homeowner did, and it was significant.  They called SERVPRO of Billings for help and help we did! We arrived quickly and began the extraction and demolition immediately.

Fire Damage? No Problem

Fire damage can be incredibly devastating. Our goal at SERVPRO of Billings is to make your life a bit easier after experiencing a loss. Our team takes great pride in the work we do and strive to give you the best service possible.

Give us a call today!

Commercial Fire Damage in Billings, MT.

Fire damage never strikes your business at a good time. Recently, our SERVPRO of Billings team was called to action after a local Billings, MT, the business experienced a severe fire loss. Our team quickly got to work to get this business back in business!

Here to Help!

If severe weather damages your Billings, MT, home or business, call our SERVPRO of Billings team! Our team has the training, knowledge, and equipment needed to clean up and restore your home or business back to preloss conditions.

Mold in Laurel, MT, Home

If you suspect or have discovered a mold infestation in your Laurel, MT, home or business, call SERVPRO of Billings today. Mold can be very toxic and cause various negative health effects. Give us a call today!

Storm Damage in Acton, MT.

Recent heavy rains caused substantial damage to this Acton, MT, basement. When a water loss occurs in your home or business, you need to call a certified restoration company as quickly as possible. The longer the water gets to sit, the more damage it can cause to your property.

Air Movers Ready to Go

When disaster strikes your Laurel, MT, home, you will need a company you can trust. SERVPRO of Billings has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to properly clean up and restore your home or business.

Fire Damage in Billings, MT.

SERVPRO of Billings was called to action after a fire severely damaged this Billings, MT, home. Fire damage cleanup and restoration is not an easy task to take on, call our SERVPRO team to take care of it for you!

Containment on a mold loss

SERVPRO of Billings responded to this commercial facility for a large mold loss. Our team was detailed in setting up a strong containment around the affected area. No job is too big for our team. 

Getting local office dry quickly

This local business called SERVPRO of Billings to get their floors dry after water had flooded their first floor.  We extracted the standing water and placed the proper drying equipment to get the area dry quickly.

Clean and organized work

When we come in to a home or business that has damage from water, fire or a storm event, we work hard to complete the restoration to the absolute best of our abilities. We keep the work focused and as organized as possible.

Commercial clean up in Billings

We arrived to this commercial building to remove standing water in some areas and dry out the facility completely. We are always ready to arrive promptly and get the job done right. SERVPRO of Billings should be your first call!

Getting this school back in order after storm damage

These real wood floors can be tricky to get dry. SERVPRO of Billings has the innovative technology and the specially trained experts to get this job done efficiently. We worked hard to get them dry and ready for the students again.

Why do we contain mold

It is important to tightly contain an area where mod is being removed and treated.  Mold and mildew particles can travel through the air and can grow on anything they land on.  Containment helps to keep those particles in the area that is being treated and in turn greatly protects the rest of the un-affected home or business.

Fire restoration in Billings

A house fire is not ideal at any time of the year, however, it happens none the less. This homeowner called us in and was grateful for our speedy response and our process.  We worked hard to get this home back in order after a fire.

Latest and greatest in water mitigation

SERVPRO of Billings is always up to date with the latest and greatest techniques for water mitigation and fire restoration. We work hard to keep ourselves trained and knowledgeable on the new innovative ways to get your home back to normal. As leaders in the industry we strive to be the absolute best solution to any restoration problem.

Mold growth due to storm damage

In Billings this homeowner called us to help them after a winter storm damaged their roof and ceilings their home. We realized when we arrived it had been a few days since the storm and in that short time mold had taken up residence in their ceiling beams.  We immediately got to work removing the mold from their home. 

Preventing Mold Growth after water damage

After we removed all wet and damaged flooring and sheetrock, we ensured the area was properly dry.  We used out high powered fans and dehumidifiers to make sure the moisture was gone.  Once we complete these steps we then treat the area with a strong anti-mold agent.

Early Winter storm leaves water damage

An early winter storm this year left this Billings homeowner in a mess. Water damage affected the entire home as the snow melted. SERVPRO of Billings was able to respond quickly and get to work restoring the home.

Flooded basement in Laurel

When SERVPRO of Billings responded to his Laurel home owner there was about 6 inches of water in the basement. We were able to carefully extract the water from the basement at the proper pace to prevent compromising the foundation. 

Billings Home riddled with Mold

This Billings home owner called our experts at SERVPRO of Billings when they found mold in their home.  Our trained experts knew just how to remediate this mold and make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold And Water Damage

This home had a severe water loss and the moisture wasn't all able to be immediately addressed. As a result, the mold pictured here began to develop. If your home suffers a mold loss, call SERVPRO.

Water Damaged Kitchen

In this image, you can see a kitchen that has been severely water damaged. This image was taken before demo. Our team was able to repair the damage more quickly than the owners expected and they were thrilled.

Repairing Home After Water Loss

As you can see from this image, this home needed quite a bit of demo in order to repair the damage after it experienced a water loss. If your home suffers damage like this, give us a call!

Ceiling Damaged By Water Loss

The ceiling in this image was damaged by a water loss and our team was brought in to handle the cleanup and repair of this home. If your home suffers damage due to a water loss, give us a call.

Ceiling After Demo

This ceiling was heavily damaged by a water loss and our team was brought in to clean up and repair the damage done to the home. This image was taken after the demo on the ceiling had been done.

Demo After Water Damage

As you can see from this image, this home required extensive demo work to repair the damage after it experienced a water loss. If your home has damage like this, call SERVPRO. We are faster to any size disaster.

Crawlspace Flooded By Storms

Heavy rains caused water to back up into this crawlspace, leaving it flooded as you can see in this image. Our team responded quickly and we were able to extract the water. If your home suffers damage like this, call us!

Using Drying Mats On Wood Floors

Water can seep through the slats in your hardwood flooring. When this happens, moisture can get trapped underneath. That is what happened in this gym. As you can see, we used drying mats to help remove the moisture that was trapped under this flooring.

What Is An Ice Dam?

A ridge of ice that forms on the edge of your roof and prevents water from draining is called an ice dam. Ice dams can cause water to back up into your home which in turn can cause lots of damage.

Mold On Ceiling From Water Loss

The home in this image had a serious mold problem after moisture from a water loss wasn't addressed immediately. As you can see, there was quite a bit of mold, but we were able to take care of it.

Fire in Billings, Montana

This home had a massive amount of fire damage. SERVPRO of Billings, was quick to get on site and begin the cleanup process. It is important to document each step of the process when proceeding with a fire cleanup. This way if the insurance company has any questions, you will have plenty of records available. 

Fire damage in a kitchen

This kitchen had a massive fire loss. SERVPRO of Billings was quick to respond and start the mitigation process. We had to remove a lot of the damaged materials in order to clean and start the build back process. 

Mold Damage

This home had mold growing on the walls and carpet. SERVPRO of Billings was quick to respond and start the cleaning process. It is critical to make sure everything is followed in according to the IICRC when dealing with mold. 

Fire damage in home

This home had a massive fire that caused significant damage. SERVPRO of Billings was on site immediately to help start with the mitigation process. Once we got the affected materials removed, they were able to start the cleaning process. 

fire damage

Fire Damage in Billings

We're Ready to Help

This home had extensive fire damage. SERVPRO of Billings was quick to respond and begin the mitigation process. We spent several days removing damaged content and cleaning the structure. It is critical to work quickly and save as much as the structure as possible. 

Our team

SERVPRO of Billings

Our Emergency Services

Our office is centrally located to help your with any size commercial water or fire loss. We are quick to respond and begin the mitigation process with any size loss. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out anytime of day. 

drying equipment

Drying Equipment

We're Here to Help

SERVPRO of Billings was quick to respond to get water extracted in this home and quickly get drying equipment in place. It is critical to act fast when you have a water loss in your home.